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Are Digital Ads Right for You?

Our team at Cannabrand has an ongoing commitment to make the most of what is possible for cannabis brands in the digital space. One undeniable marketing tool that can propel companies forward are digital ads. Especially relevant, it is an effective tool for marketing cannabis brands and products online, both

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Joe Hodas, Former CMO of Dixie Brands, Joins Cannabrand as Strategic Advisor

Joe Hodas, Former CMO of Dixie Brands, Joins Cannabrand as Strategic Advisor Top Cannabis Marketer Helps Prepare Leading Cannabis Branding and Marketing Agency for Growth   Olivia Mannix, founder and CEO of Cannabrand, the World’s First Cannabis Marketing Agency announced today that they have brought on Joe Hodas, former CMO

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Cannabrand and NCIA: A Shared Commitment to Education, Advocacy and Community

It’s an honor to be nominated for the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) Awards. NCIA members can elect to vote for us in Cannabis Innovation and Industry Excellence. We’d like to start by congratulating our fellow nominees. All told, this distinction is only bestowed upon 32 companies across all 7 categories.

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What to do in Denver for 420

420 is, of course, a huge deal in Denver, one of the only cities in the United States where recreational cannabis can be celebrated legally. Whether you want to do the traditional stoner thing and go to an outdoor show or park rally, or keep it more low-key by grabbing

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How Cannabis Brands Should React to Sean Spicer’s Comments

Everyone is getting worked up about some recent comments from Sean Spicer hinting that the federal government may step in and interfere with states that have legal cannabis. The gut reaction for many cannabis businesses and professionals may be to freak out and start running for the hills and gutting

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