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Spotlight on the Cannabis World Congress and Business Expo

Cannabrand is passionate about defining exactly what it means to be a cannabis user. This was apparent at the first Cannabis World Congress & Business Expo last month in New York City as co-founders Jennifer DeFalco and Olivia Mannix took the stage. From June 17-19, The Javits Center hosted the

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Top 6 Reasons to Hire a Cannabis Marketing Agency for your Business in 2015

The cannabis industry has grossed a whopping $35 Million dollars in revenue this year alone. And even though some may say cannabis sells itself, it is actually turning into quite a competitive marketplace. Here are our top 5 reasons as to why you should hire a cannabis-centric marketing agency in

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An open-letter to the pothead mother in Boulder

On my custom organic latex sofa in the upscale Colorado suburbia that is Highlands Ranch, I sit down after a long day of being at home alone with my two children and smoke my vape pen. My days are full of complete and utter chaos, and no, I am not

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Dad’s Pipe Dream

As the familiar aroma of neighborhood barbeques begins to fill the air, one thing is certain–Summer has just about begun! Family time spent outdoors, warm weather…hm, wasn’t there something else? Oh yes! Father’s Day on the 15th is quickly approaching! Still need to do some last minute shopping for that

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Why Florida Needs to Pass the Medical Marijuana Bill

Florida’s pristine beaches, eclectic nightlife and balmy weather make it an ideal place to reside in (or in my case, escape to). Upon returning from my vacation to this unique state, it got me thinking: Where exactly could medical marijuana fit in, and why might it be so beneficial, particularly

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