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Dad’s Pipe Dream

As the familiar aroma of neighborhood barbeques begins to fill the air, one thing is certain–Summer has just about begun! Family time spent outdoors, warm weather…hm, wasn’t there something else? Oh yes! Father’s Day on the 15th is quickly approaching! Still need to do some last minute shopping for that special man? Check out these […]

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Cannabis and Yoga

For centuries, cannabis has been closely associated with spirituality and wellness across the globe. This herb was even mentioned in the ancient Vedic texts of India, indicating that it was being used by Rishis and Yogis at that time to gain deepened perceptions. It has traditionally been praised for its healing and relaxation properties, as […]

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Juicing Cannabis: The Next Big Craze?

With the legalization of cannabis (and hemp) kicking off 2014, cannabis aficionados are discovering new and creative ways to reap the benefits of this plant. We can eat it, smoke it, vaporize it, so hey… why not juice it?! One California physician, Dr. William L. Courtney, happens to be a strong proponent of raw cannabis […]

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The Skinny on Cannabis Consumption

Did you know that marijuana has weight loss properties? For many people, losing weight can be an uphill battle. So, how can weed help? The psychological implications that cause weight gain and obesity can be relieved from using cannabis in your diet. Yes, it can have the adverse effect if a person that consumes marijuana […]

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Great News for Veterans and Their Families!

The federal government has agreed to allow a University of Arizona researcher, Suzanne A. Sisley, to study medical marijuana as a possible treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder. As the spouse of a veteran, I know just how much of a struggle and incredibly debilitating PTSD can be, not only for those suffering from it, but […]

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