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Cannabrand created a new brand identity for Colorado-based dispensary chain Mindful, formerly known as Gaia, and helped to position it for the recreational market. CB recreated all marketing materials, designed uniforms, re-designed the storefront and signage, and led the brand launch through a creative advertising campaign and digital marketing strategy.

Point of View:

Point of View:

This is a case that exemplifies what Cannabrand can do for a company that shares our vision. We took a business rooted in a narrow target market, and strategically rebranded it to compete in both the medical and retail markets simultaneously.


To transition Gaia Plant-Based Medicine into the retail/medical hybrid cannabis chain, Mindful. This brand was developed with a new, more mainstream and inclusive target audience in mind.

What We Did:

Rebranding: We developed a fresh, clean, new brand identity and logo that reflects the new target demographic’s values and expectations.

Remodeling: We revamped the storefronts and interiors to reflect new brand and color palette (including interior and exterior signage), and to be mroe welcoming and approachable to the retail customer.

Redesign: We designed new branded unifroms for the budtenders as well as branded merchandise including t-shirts and hats.

Reintroduction: We launched an advertising campaign in targeted print publications and co-planned a launch event featuring an interactive “mega booth” for Mindful.

Media Results:

Mindful’s transformation was prominantly featured on the cover of the New York Times, Sunday Style Section in both print and online, and was included on a 60 Minutes segment.