MJ Wellness Case Study

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Point of View:

This is a case that exemplifies Cannabrand’s ability to target specific demographics using social media. This was a target that required both media savvy and a compassionate,
personal connection with medical consumers.


To increase brand awareness and engagement via social media amongst our primary Baby Boomer target demographic, and ultimately visits to the website.


Cannabrand sought to create a trusted resource for patients and an industry leader in medical marijuana information. In order to do this, we needed to build up MJ Wellness’s audience and increase brand awareness through strategic targeted advertising.

Digital Strategy:

Advertising: Cannabrand ran strategic banner ads on Facebook targeting users ages 50+, who might have an interest in cannabis as a medicine based on likes and interests. We were able to pinpoint these demographics for maximum engagement, ultimately generating click-throughs to the website.


Facebook:  Started at 70 followers, now up to 7,455 (an increase of over 10,000% in 3 months).

Instagram: Started at 8, now up to 524 (an increase of nearly 7,000% in 3 months).

Twitter: Started at 9, now up to 903 (an increase of over 10,000% in 3 months)