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Situation Analysis:“Adventurous Life” :15 Video

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Upon being approached by local ABC affiliate advertising sales representatives, Cannabrand teamed up with Neos, a client devoted to producing refined cannabis-infused vaporization pens, to create and produce the nation’s first cannabis product television commercial. Set to air prior to Jimmy Kimmel Live on the evening of July 21, the 15-second spot adhered to the limited cannabis advertising laws currently being implemented in Colorado, while also focusing on the lifestyle and experience behind the brand rather than cannabis and the associated ‘high.’

Hours before the commercial’s scheduled airing, the local ABC affiliate’s corporate umbrella company announced all cannabis-focused TV spots were indefinitely postponed due to the unclear crossover between federal and state media regulations. Still seeking to make history, Cannabrand and Neos collectively decided to leverage the already growing media buzz surrounding the spot by turning the story into an editorial opportunity for national (and international) news outlets.

Cannabrand’s team created and implemented a strategic media release of the spot, including an exclusive first-look to the national news outlet Bloomberg TV, followed by outreach to local and national media outlets (highlights included below) and many more. The cross-national campaign resulted in over 250,000,000 media impressions in under one week.

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