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2020 Cannabis Marketing Takeaways

2020 has been a mess… But we’ve learned many things. The pandemic has required marketers to rethink how their companies go to market and engage with customers. Those marketers who can leverage digital, social and trusted relationships should be well-positioned to navigate ongoing disruptions. However, marketers across all industries should

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An Introduction to Psychedelics in Marketing

In the midst of a global mental health crisis, hundreds of billions in funds are going into addiction therapy. The time is ripe for alternative forms of treatment. Psychedelics could be the answer to treating most patients. But they’re nothing new. Psychedelics are entheogens that are either naturally derived from

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14 Capabilities to Differentiate your Cannabis Brand with Cannabrand

Differentiating your product from your competitors is a key in your brand’s success.The cannabis industry has been deemed essential and now more than ever it is time to start positioning your brand. Cannabrand, a full-service marketing agency dedicated to the cannabis space is here to help your brand reach its

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ADWEEK: Cannabis Marketing Will Grow by Continuously Educating Consumers

We can thank the Reefer Madness era for stigmatizing the cannabis plant. This powerful bit of propaganda paired with the efforts of big players in cotton, tobacco and pharmaceuticals aimed to keep cannabis from thriving and becoming a competitive force. But the film was also made during a time when

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A Look Into the Evolution of Language in Cannabis Marketing with Olivia Mannix

    Today’s cannabis brands are captivating consumers through nuanced language, dropping stoner slang in favor of a more refined and technical vocabulary. As more of the world moves to legalize cannabis and the stigma surrounding its use fades, brands are tailoring their language to better suit the modern cannabis

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