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A Look Into the Evolution of Language in Cannabis Marketing with Olivia Mannix

    Today’s cannabis brands are captivating consumers through nuanced language, dropping stoner slang in favor of a more refined and technical vocabulary. As more of the world moves to legalize cannabis and the stigma surrounding its use fades, brands are tailoring their language to better suit the modern cannabis

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ADWEEK: Marketing Cannabis Within the Confines of ‘Recreational’ and ‘Medical’ By: Olivia Mannix

It’s an exciting time for cannabis. The momentum around legalization is showing no signs of slowing, with 33 states having already legalized cannabis in some form, 10 of which have legalized both medical and recreational use. New businesses are popping up everyday to cater to the millions of people who

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The Power of Cannabis Influencers by Olivia Mannix

Opinion: The Secret to Marketing Marijuana Lies With Cannabis Influencers They’re able to sidestep social media limitations enforced on ‘cannapreneurs’ by Olivia Mannix It’s official, America’s fastest growing industry is cannabis. While opportunity seems plentiful for the marketing firms embracing this new business, they face a number of challenging not

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The Green Industry Affair – July 24

Cannabrand is proud to present BoomBox at The Green Industry Affair on July 24th. This event will take place at the Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom in Denver, CO.  We’re excited to bring together the outdoors and cannabis to celebrate the great state of Colorado. You can expect great music, good people, be secure in the knowledge you are

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The Importance of Cannabis Business Valuations in Today’s Market

The cannabis industry is unique in that it represents an entire marketplace and business culture comprised of startup companies. With this notion in mind, many cannabis companies have developed business plans focused on “making it today.” As such, they don’t give much consideration to cannabis business valuations. Who can blame

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